Quirecore™ Cordless Screwdriver

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Have you ever wanted to do some chores around the house and find yourself unmotivated because you don't have the tools, or you don't wanna make a mess? 
Just a few of the benefits of the Quirecore™ Cordless Screwdriver :
✅Led light ring perfect for any job
12 different attachments!
Small and extremely portable
⚙️So Many Different USES!⚙️
Take your DIY projects to the next level, with Quirecore™ Cordless Screwdriver. Our newest product is a revelation for anyone who gets things done at home! With the LED glow ring and the portability there is no job that this screwdriver can't handle.
⚙️This all in one screw driver guarantees a job well done easily and efficiently! ⚙️