Quirecore™ Magnetic Undercabinet Light

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Over 8 Hours of charge!

The magnetic charging stand allows for 8 hours of use off the charging stand as well as light wherever, whenever you need it. Our products 2 different light settings are the best for when you need to see things extremely clear and brighten up the entire room or if you just need a little light at any time.

You can use it all over the house!

This undercabinet light is extremely versatile because of the magnetic charging stand. This stand allows for light over your desk or light in any dark space. The easy setup and use of our undercabinet light makes this product a must have!

Doesn't take up any desk space!

Our undercabinet light gives light to any space while saving you the clutter of a lamp or light that sits on your desk taking up space. its sleek design along with the gray color goes well with any interior or style and keeps your desk open to more important things.