QuireCore Rechargeable Fly Catcher

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The BEST at catching all pesky insects!

With our newest product catching  and containing Flies, Mosquitoes, and any other insects that may fly on its cover plate.  With its Environmentally friendly material, Good strength and toughness and high temperature resistance make this trap amazing for anywhere bugs may be!

Extremely Portable and Easy to Set Up!

With its small yet sturdy design this fly trap can go anywhere!  This insect Catcher is rechargeable and perfect for over night fly catching with its quiet and sleek design!

The setup is as follows:

1. Spread the bait on the 5 groves on the cover/turn plate

2. Plug your trap in and press the red power button

3. Wait until ready and then open fly box 

4. Clean fly box

5. You are ready to catch more Insects!

Keeps all the bugs alive allowing just to keep them in a cage until you choose to release them!

This product allows for bug free environments while keeping them alive! This product is made with very environmentally friendly materials, good strength and very durable and long lasting!

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The lighting on this selfie stick is so amazing every picture turns out so great. its versatile and portable can't recommend enough!

Anna W.
Los Angeles, CA

This product is a must have. it makes taking pictures in groups or just doing anything a breeze and its so portable I just leave it in my purse and bring it everywhere!

Shannon H.
Miami, FLA

From our customers


our dog loves going outside in the snow but was always staining our carpets, this suit has been a godsend. Highly recommend.

Susie H.
Los Angeles, CA

The best for walks and any outdoor activity. My dog loves the suit she can still use the bathroom and stay completely dry.

James W.
Barre, Vermont