QuireCore Portable Pilates Bar

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This Pilates Bar completely changes every workout!

The exercises and portability of our newest product makes working out from everywhere extremely easy. The benefits and quick results from our pilates bar is unmatched! You will have absolutley no problems crushing your new years resolution or achieveing your dream body with QuireCores Portable Pilates Bar! 

Tons of exercises!

Our Portable Pilates Bar allows for so many different exercises to give you a complete full body workout from anywhere! You will love the quick and amazing results! This Quarantine has made it hard for tons of people to get to the gym but this new product brings the gym to you! 

A Full body Portable Gym!

This pilates bar is completely fold able and allows for full body workouts where ever whenever! The ease of setup and use will make crushing your body goals a breeze!

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This camera takes the best videos, so many unforgettable moments!

Anna W.
Los Angeles, CA

The best part about this product is the tripod!! This little thing makes taking steady long distance photos so easy.

Shannon H.
Miami, FLA