QuireCore Heated lunchbox

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Heat Your Food ANYWHERE!

 With our New Heated Lunchbox cold lunches are a thing of the past. The portability and ease of use of our lunchbox is game changing! Our lunch box comes with 2 different plugs. One for a cigarette lighter in the car, perfect for on the go and a plug in wire for a regular receptacle for at home use and quick meals!

Join the THOUSANDS of people enjoying a QuireCore Heated Lunchbox today!

Every occasion is perfect for our heated lunchbox! With enough space to feed up to 6 people and the 2 different plugs there is no limits to our lunchboxes possibilities! Dips,  rice, soup, you name it our lunchbox can handle it.

Heat Your Food In Just 5 Minutes!

With our new stainless steel design, your meals will be hot and ready to go in less then 5 minutes! This lunch box also keeps your food warm as long as its plugged in and turned on. 

How To Use QuireCore's Heated Lunchbox:

Step 1. Place your food into the lunch box and any cold foods you'd like to keep cold into the other plastic container.

Step 2. Put the cover on and lock down the handles

Step 3. Plug which plug you would like to use and click the power button. After about 5 minutes press the button on the top of the lid to release the steam. 

Step 4. Enjoy your hot and ready food!

Lots of Storage and Space!

Our Lunchbox allows for lots of food organization with different compartments. You can warm up food while keeping a compartment of cold food!  Also silverware storage in the top. Our product offers a plug for your car, for on the go meals as well as an normal at home plug for any quick warm up or enjoying some leftovers!

Our lunchbox also keeps food warm as long as it is plugged in!

 This lunchbox can heat up and keep food warm from anywhere, making on the go meals a breeze! Our product will allow anyone to take lunchtime meals and food variety to the next level. You only need 5 minutes to enjoy an amazing, warm meal at your convenience, anywhere you'd like!


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