QuireCore Cinemax

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Are you tired of being stuck at home without being able to go to the movies? Our newest product QuireCore Cinemax this is no longer an issue! This product brings the movie theater to you without the need for an expensive monitor or massive TV. The Cinemax has a massive 2 to 4 times magnification while also including a 12 inch screen.


Our newest product brings the EXACT same immersion as a movie theater without having to risk leaving your home! The Cinemax is also perfect for gaming on any device because of the curvature that was designed for wide viewing angles and accurate color while also giving you the most immersive experience.

The Cinemax is also perfect for travel like car trips and plane rides. While also taking up little to no room of storage. The sleek folding design allows for easy take out and put away use while still making any show or movie extreme immersive!

Lastly our Newest product  the Cinemax reduces radiation with anti- blue light feature to protect your eyes and allow limitless use and viewing. Along with reducing viewing fatige from staring at a small screen for long lengths of time.

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    The lighting on this selfie stick is so amazing every picture turns out so great. its versatile and portable can't recommend enough!

    Anna W.
    Los Angeles, CA

    This product is a must have. it makes taking pictures in groups or just doing anything a breeze and its so portable I just leave it in my purse and bring it everywhere!

    Shannon H.
    Miami, FLA

    From our customers


    our dog loves going outside in the snow but was always staining our carpets, this suit has been a godsend. Highly recommend.

    Susie H.
    Los Angeles, CA

    The best for walks and any outdoor activity. My dog loves the suit she can still use the bathroom and stay completely dry.

    James W.
    Barre, Vermont