QuireCore Phone Camera

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Easily observe things from MILES away!

This phone telescope allows for the best pictures and videos from an extremely long distance with a massive 47 times magnification improvement from other telescopic cameras its size! The Anti-Shake System along with the tripod makes this telescope the best on the market.

Night Vision!

Even when night time comes this phone camera will still take extremely high quality photos and videos no matter the distance or lighting!

This product is waterproof, dust proof and completely shockproof!

This Phone Camera is perfect for any adventures or amazing moments that regular phones just can't capture. The versatility and sturdy material make this a must have for bird watching, wildlife, hunting, hiking, mountaineering, camping, surveillance, and traveling .


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This camera takes the best videos, so many unforgettable moments!

Anna W.
Los Angeles, CA

The best part about this product is the tripod!! This little thing makes taking steady long distance photos so easy.

Shannon H.
Miami, FLA